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The Journal of Poultry Research (JPR) is an international journal published by the Poultry Research Institute(PRI) in Turkey.The JPR welcomes original articles that report basic and applied findings in the area of poultry physiology, genetics and breeding, nutrition, reproduction, behavior, immune system, preventive hygiene, management, function and utility of product, and biotechnology. The JPR publishes original articles (either full papers or research notes) and review articles. In full papers, the relevant background, experimental designs and methods, results and discussion should be logically presented, and novel findings must be included. Research notes are restricted to experimental reports that contain novel findings but may represent less comprehensive research. The editorial board invites proposals for review articles.

Journal of Poultry Research is an open access journal that publishes papers submitted in Turkish, in German, in French and in English. Readers are able to freely access the journal online at www.turkishpoultryscience without the need for a subscription and authors retain the copyright of their work. All manuscripts that are submitted to Journal of Poultry Research are publihed without any Article Processing Charges.

The Journal welcomes submission of original and significant contributions that meets the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Articles submitted should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration elsewhere. Authors have to read through the submission guidelines carefully before submission.

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Vol 12, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


The Effect of Different Dietary Purslane Seed (Portulaca Oleracea L.) Levels on Carcass, Blood Lipid Profile and Antioxidant Activity in Quails PDF (Türkçe)
Yusuf Konca, Selma Büyükkılıç, Beyzi Mürsel Karabacak, Erdal Yaylak 1-6
The Structure of Backyard Poultry in Bingol Province PDF (Türkçe)
Hakan İnci, Recep Bural, Turgay Şendül 13-17
Effects of Different Oils in Breeding Layer Diets on Performance, Hatchery Characteristics and Chick Quality PDF (Türkçe)
Züleyha Kahraman, Şahnur Demirtaş, Şermin Yurtoğulları, Ebru Onbaşılar 18-22
The effects of naked neck (Na) gene and sex on the apparent ileal Nitrogen and amino acids digestibility in Growing Meat Type Chicken PDF
Abdulkarim Abdulmageed Amad, Frank Liebert 23-27


The Effectiveness of Probiotics in the Poultry Sector and Their Future PDF (Türkçe)
İsmail Ülger, Selma Büyükkılıç Beyzi, Mahmut Kaliber, Yusuf Konca 7-12

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